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Privacy Policy

Re the website

The website is solely run by Sanyo Seiki ( hereinafter called "the company" )
The company takes the protection of privacy of our users as a serious matter and makes an utmost effort to protect it.

Gathering an individual's information

An individual who sees our website does not have to tell us your individual information.
An individual is able to see our website anonymously.
We ask only when we need his or her information in case an individual needs some information from us.
However we will not share the information of an idividual with the other party without his or her permit.
But we may use it in case something below occurs.
In case an individual may harm or interfere with other customers who visit our website. We may have to contact that individual or search that individual.
When there is a good reason to take a necessary legal action.

In case we ask for the information of an individual.

When an individual asks for our brochures or materials we ask name, E-mail address or other necessary information of an individual.

Sanyo Seiki Co.,Ltd. July, 2008

We may change the contents to improve the protection of people's information or privacy when the regulations the other rules, the internet circumstances change.

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