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Technology, Development

We will respond flexibly to our customers' request with a high technique.

Rolls for pipes

Our techniques have been improved by the customers' opinion and experience.

iconPSF(Partial Step Forming)

Feature of this forming method

With an improvement of forming distribution , PSF forming minimized the duplicate process against the tube .
It suppresses fatigue of metal strength and work-hardening which is caused by duplicate process .
As a result , it enables our customer to do difficult secondary process .

Improvement in production efficiency

It makes possible to bend or expand where there used to have defects.

Abandon of heat-treatment process

It enabled us to skip heat-treating of manifold stainless steel pipes for exhaust pipes which requires complicated process.

Example of application

Stainless exhaust pipe (mother pipe) , Titanium pipe, Aluminum pipe, High-t/D pipe, Low-t/D pipe.

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iconFinite Element Analysis
From FEA analysis , we will present you a solution for various problem such like edge wave in detail .
We are able to suggest possible fabrication process to prevent forming defects.
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iconCountermeasure for pipe-end deformation

Pipe-end deformation is an unavoidable problem of roll forming .

What's pipe-end deformation ?

It means a deformation which happens when you cut the pipe after forming . The end-part of cut pipe shows a deformation and its cross-section is quite different from middle-part of the pipe .


Improvement in processing

Major cause of pipe-end deformation is remaining-stress which comes from forming strain (before welding) and sizing strain . Sizing roll is effective in diminishing circumferential direction strain , but axial direction strain will be left as remaining-stress .

Countermeasure for round pipe-end deformation

By pressing from diagonal direction which we normally don't press , remaining-stress will be equalized .

view of demo machine's trial


Countermeasure for rectangular pipe-end deformation

Rectangular pipe-end deformation is mainly caused by imbalance of remaining-stress . It comes from the difference of pipe touching timing between vertical roll and horizontal roll .

view of demo machine's trial

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iconCountermeasure for edge wave of thin material

If you are having trouble with edge wave of thin material , we will be your help . Also , we can design/reconstruct cluster stand .

provided by SANGO Co., Ltd.

From FEA analysis , we can present a solution for edge wave .

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Feel free to contact us even if you want to consult other than those mentioned above .

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Rolls for open section
iconFinite Element Analysis
From FEA analysis , we can present a solution for various problem such like edge wave in detail .
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iconTest forming with a demo machine
We have demo machine next to our plant . Therefore , we are able to reconstruct or regrind rolls immediately .
Comparing with the time of test trial after delivery , it will cut time remarkably .

Demo machine no.1

Shaft diameter:φ40
Number of pass:20
Roll space:500mm

Demo machine no.2

Shaft diameter:φ60
Number of pass:20
Roll space:500mm

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iconStatistics of forming results

Our customers make various shapes utilizing our forming rolls such as round pipes, square pipes, construction materials and automobile parts and so forth.

( steel )

( stainless )

Exhaust pipes by Sango

Square pipes

Automobile parts

Construction materials

Construction parts

Housing parts
by Chiyoda Metal Stud

Materials for shutter

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