Privacy policy


About this website

This website is solely run by Sanyo Seiki.
We place importance on the protection of customer’s privacy, and make an utmost effort to prevent the leakage of customer’s personal information

Collection of personal information

To see our website, there is no need to submit any of your personal information.
We will only ask when we think your personal information is needed, such as you have something to ask, you want to contact us, and so on.
We will never provide personal information to a third party without obtaining the prior consent of the customer except in case shown below.

  • In case we have to search or contact a person who harms or interferes other customer on our website.
  • In case there is a valid reason to take a legal action.

Sanyo Seiki Co.,Ltd. November, 2018

We may change the contents to improve the protection of personal information or privacy when the regulations or the other rules, the internet circumstances change.