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Sanyo’s flower

Sanyo’s flower

Sanyo’s original flower makes it possible to produce high accuracy pipes.

“FLOWER” is a design which shows the process bending of flat strips and how the flat strips turn to be final products such as pipes, open profiles.
We call the image of bending procedures “FLOWER” since it looks like a flower.
We make each flower design based on the shapes of products and material nature.

Sanyo’s flower


※SRS=Sanyo Roll-forming Simulation

We are able to see the final shapes as well as the shapes in the roll forming process with the help of SRS.
For example, when we check irregular shapes SRS enables us to see visually where the problems exsist. We can show the strain and stress by numbers or chart.

Edge wave

Edge wave is improved by changing pass line

Technical advice

We have accumulated a lot of customer’s needs, ideas and reflected them to our roll design.
We will provide various ideas to the customers with the experience and full of sales figures.

  1. Setting up of forming roll
  2. Suggestion of suitable roll material and surface treatment
  3. Trial, operation supervising and advice at job sites

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